Suk Sum Ruay – The Biggest and Best Resort in Town

Name Ruay: The Biggest and Best Resort in town
Taking the awe factor to the next level, Suk Sum Ruay has got your back. The resort is all about providing its guests with a plethora of perks and features including a full service spa and sauna, a state of the art fitness centre, multiple restaurants, bars and lounges, an in-house casino and plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

The resort also boasts a variety of luxury rooms for those who want to pamper themselves in the finer things in life. The most popular is the opulent octagon, which boasts a luxurious spa and a range of stylish accommodation options, including two, three and four bedroom suites with their own in-house spa. ruay enticing is the aforementioned octagon, which is home to the finest spa in town, boasting an exquisitely appointed treatment room and private balcony.

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